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Question: Do you think the current POTUS will need to be readmitted to hospital before the election?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (185.130.156.x) on October 6 2020, 12:55pm
Reply on October 6 2020, 1:00pm:
    It's hard to say, because the treatment decisions being made for him are pretty clearly being made by him and not doctors. So who the fuck knows (it doesn't seem like he should be out now, though!).

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (185.130.156.x) on October 6 2020, 1:45pm:
    Indeed, he looks like he is struggling for air, and also struggling to stand.

  • Posted by Justin on October 6 2020, 1:50pm:
    and is he technically "out of the hospital" now? sounds like he's still getting treatment comparable with what most people would have to be in the hospital for...

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (185.130.156.x) on October 6 2020, 2:00pm:
    Yep, not too many people have their own medical unit at their house! - which has probably been hurriedly upgraded to deal with this.

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