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Question: have you heard about the 90 minute sleep theory? sleepcouncil.org.uk/advice-support...
Asked by richard davies (86.181.252.x) on October 16 2020, 7:16pm
Reply on October 17 2020, 11:28pm:
    That sounds like the same old thing that always comes up, maybe? Anyway not really interested, I like sleep too much.

  • Posted by Sleep Therapy (122.161.240.x) on October 18 2020, 9:28am:
    this is correct... i have experienced this by my own... a 90 minute nap is very much peaceful and i feel fresh but if i sleep a bit shorter or longer than it, like say either 60 minutes or 120 minutes, then i feel weird after waking up and feel something in my head constantly till the next morning

  • Posted by Posted by Sleep Therapy (122.161.240.x) on October 18 2020, 9:31am:
    either sleep complete 7.5 hours (5 sleep cycle) for whole night or sleep 6 hours (4 sleep cycle) for whole night and take 1.5 hours (1 sleep cycle) nap afternoon or evening

  • Posted by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on October 18 2020, 6:20pm:
    according to master scribe thoth- 1 hour head pointing magnetic north and 1 hour head pointing magnetic south will renew the body/mind if discipline is maintained throughout.. try it and see/be?

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