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Question: hey_hope your well! >had you seen this video about youtubes attack on open software? newtube.app/user/anthony/NOqgMsR (fact or fiction? +how might that affect you?)
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 25 2020, 8:21pm
Reply on October 26 2020, 1:18pm (edited at October 26 2020, 1:19pm):
    hmm you mean the RIAA's trying to get youtube-dl banned? I don't think YouTube/Google are behind that. this post seemed like a good summary.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 26 2020, 3:15pm:
    thanks for the link- personally* think copyrighting is garbage concept..as all comes from source..and source creates all... how can divine mathematics ever be claimed to a single individual?...it's quite bizarre imo.

  • Posted by Justin on October 26 2020, 5:31pm:
    Hmm I don't think copyright is a garbage concept, it exists as an excellent tool for encouraging the production of content. It's when it is abused that it is a problem.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 26 2020, 6:04pm:
    @Justin especially if it's copyright trolls. I've heard a lot of companies have to deal with it spending dozens of money.

  • Posted by Justin on October 26 2020, 7:42pm:
    Hmm are you thinking of patent trolls? I haven't really heard of "copyright trolls". Also "how can divine mathematics ever be claimed to a single individual?" sounds like patent...

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 27 2020, 2:43am:
    lol justin..you know very well we come to earth with nothing and leave with nothing... patent is just another 'get rich quick scheme'? - life is simply not about money imo..music especially not.. they are both a celebration of living a life,or not.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 27 2020, 8:45am:
    I was not talking about patent trolls in this case :) But they could be here too

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