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Question: If you were to learn coding again from scratch now in 2020, which courses would you follow and how long do you think it would take reach to a good level
Asked by Emmm (213.140.221.x) on October 31 2020, 5:25pm
Reply on November 2 2020, 4:19am:
    That's a tough hypothetical because how would I know what I'd do if I didn't know anything? If you're asking for you (or a third person), what I'd recommend.. well, it's hard for me to recommend that, considering I learned programming decades ago and didn't have access to all of the modern documentation...

    What I will say is two things:
    1. Learning assembly language (for whatever architecture) is valuable, in that you can imagine the code whatever language you're using ends up generating
    2. It's probably healthy to not get too attached to the syntax of a particular language (why marry yourself to one?)
    3. Embrace curiosity: feel free to fiddle with things you don't fully understand in order to get them to work, then try to understand why they work.
    4. Don't hard code the size of lists

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