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Question: Just found out that someone made a crack for my software. Should I improve the security or just focus on bugs & improvments? What will you do on such situation?
Asked by ruchira (111.223.170.x) on November 8 2020, 1:25pm
Reply on November 8 2020, 4:43pm:
    IMO trying to prevent cracks is a losing battle. Try to prevent key-gens of course. If you can, try to prevent automated cracks (e.g. try to prevent crackers from making a program that cracks your executable -- this is bad because then pirates can get all of your updates and crack them, vs having to download a questionable cracked version with each update). But trying to prevent someone from making a cracked version of your software, not worth the time IMO.

  • Posted by ruchira (104.248.147.x) on November 9 2020, 2:57pm:
    So you mean that on every release I should change the security mechanism?

  • Posted by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 9 2020, 4:41pm:
    AFAIK as ex-cracker, crackers could make generic binary pattern matching patcher, that's make possible to patch your another version (possibly next) without need manually re-crack again. You can alter for checking part (but essentially same algorithm) to avoid this generic patcher. Or you can use 'code scrambling' like CodeVirtualizer for checking routines only if you really paranoid.

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 3:30am:
    You can look at how the cracks end up being implemented, and then find ways to break them. Randomizing things at release-compile-time to make the pattern matching more difficult..

  • Posted by ruchira (123.231.123.x) on November 10 2020, 4:02am:
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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