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Question: I saw this on slashdot today ... did you guys actually do this?? "Back around 2004 Foobar and Nullsoft were sort of rivals. Peter Pawolski would trash winamps codec quality, and nullsoft would just trash foobar. This all culminated to some people from nullsoft registering gaybar2000.org and setting up a site that was a complete mirror of the fubar, but with homoerotic imagery. They even went as far as to take a resource editor to the foobar2000 exe and replace the play button with a crudely drawn penis."
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on November 12 2020, 10:04pm
Reply on November 13 2020, 3:02am (edited at November 13 2020, 11:04pm):
    I remember someone doing it, not sure who it was. I am sorry for and regret any complicity in a hurtful joke of such poor taste. Ugh, shame on younger-me.

  • Posted by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 15 2020, 8:52am:
    What about your relation to Peter P after that? I'm just curious...

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