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Question: I really respect you and your team a lot, I think you're geniuses. But aren't you worried BLM (the organization, not the phrase) is dangerous and dividing our society? I went to their website and their payment processor is owned by the DNC. It all just makes me uncomfortable, like the DNC is fundraising off this. What are your thoughts?
Asked by bill (172.58.155.x) on November 13 2020, 12:27am
Reply on November 13 2020, 2:55am (edited at November 13 2020, 4:10am):
    There's a few things to unpack in your question:
    • As you mention, the phrase vs the organization is an important distinction.
    • But having said that, I'm looking at blacklivesmatter.com/about and everything seems pretty reasonable to me. It seems there has been a lot of poisoning of the term by various pundits and media organizations.
    • I'm not sure how the BLM organization is dangerous, and if an organization "whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes" is divisive, surely it's between those who are in favor of white supremacy and those against?
    • The biggest criticism I've seen of BLM (organization) is that (some of?) the founders are allegedly Marxists? If true, I don't see that as particularly interesting thing in and of itself. What is this, the 1950s?
    • ActBlue (the payment processor you mention) is a non-profit, not owned by the DNC, see wikipedia/actblue.

    If you think I missed something important and want to have a good-faith(!) discussion about it in the comments, I would be happy to. Otherwise --perhaps it would be worth re-evaluating and re-fact-checking the concerns you have about it?

  • Posted by R.Z.M. (185.220.100.x) on November 25 2020, 12:54am:
    That about page was fairly recently changed and before had a heavy focus on queer and gender issues. That's all fine and needed, but given the fact that the "black lives" the organization is built on the lives of dead black men I know a lot of black men who take issue with that along with expressions around disrupting the "nuclear family" which - while increasingly rare - is both highly regarded and the lack of which correlates much better with the outcomes usually pinned on white supremacy.

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