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Question: Any precaution/worry about the vaccine? Looks like a huge beta testing release, not sure what's the best option.
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on December 14 2020, 6:20pm
Reply on December 14 2020, 8:33pm:
    Yeah something this fast will likely have issues, but they do seem to be far far less severe and far less prevalent than the disease itself, so seems like an obvious win.

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.163.x) on December 14 2020, 8:43pm:
    They obviously need dev builds. ;)

  • Posted by Justin on December 14 2020, 8:58pm:
    The number of people in the trials is pretty large! Imagine if REAPER had 47,000 people testing development builds... :)

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.116.x) on December 15 2020, 1:13am:
    Funny thing it, that the development itself isn't that fast but rather in normal speed actually. It was mostly the bureaucracy that got fastened. Faster approvals for further clinical studies and tests, with some being held in parallel. With a lot of money involved and good will, all obstacles can be removed so professionals can finally do what they can do best: they're job. So the vaccine is as safe as a vaccine can be. It's just for once, we did it right&consequently.Actually a great human accomplishment.

  • Posted by Justin on December 15 2020, 2:44am:
    I'm not sure that's completely true, aren't these the first mRNA vaccines, too? Anyway it is indeed a great accomplishment and as soon as it's available and my fair turn I will look forward to it!

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 15 2020, 5:26am:
    i was wondering how they manufacture so many doses so quickly especially since it needs to be kept at super low temperature ? that has to be a huge challenge in itself.. great to see progress is being made..

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.163.x) on December 15 2020, 8:51am:
    I heard more than once ``the majority of the scientific community...'' and for some reason I was extremely interested to hear what the minority said... probably I will never know or it will be too late. :)

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