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Question: Are there any physical DAWs? I mean, in shape of a piano keyboard, which have all features of a proper DAW (like all types of instruments & effects) so that it will be like a portable high quality DAW which we can carry anywhere with us and start making music and also have internet from where we can share our music directly to anywhere.... I tried searching all this but didn't find any, ahhhhh, I still find technology of this era somewhat limited!
Asked by DAWs are AWWs (27.58.113.x) on December 23 2020, 10:52am
Reply on December 23 2020, 12:37pm:
    REAPER used to come on Open Labs devices which were sort of that (computers with integrated keyboards etc)...

  • Posted by DAWs are PAWs (27.58.81.x) on December 24 2020, 2:24pm:
    Any picture or video of that? I am curious how they look like :O why they discontinued that then? I actually meant a keyboard like DAW, which is in shape of a MIDI keyboard but can do everything which a DAW can do. Anyway haha, weird interest I know.

  • Posted by Justin on December 24 2020, 3:01pm:
    They went through bankrupcy and stuff, not sure what happened exactly? Try googling "open labs neko" etc

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