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Question: Hi Justin! I trying to make Reaper extention for visually impaired and draw in "trackview" some guide rectangles and lines. I draw by processing WM_PAINT.Everything seems to be good for macos and Linux! Is there some way to eliminate flickering when WM_PAINT & WM_NCPAINT received on windows OS? Special sync?Please any tips)
Asked by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 2:13pm
Reply on January 7 2021, 6:59pm:
    No good answer here, sorry! At some point we'll probably add hooks to allow native hooking of various window drawing.

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 8:50pm:
    Wow! Native support for drawing would be really killer feature!

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.2.x) on January 7 2021, 9:33pm:
    @Stefan - maybe check this thread:

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 10:05pm:
    @wasereb4 Thank you!Haven't seen this before.And he passed this hard way alone!)

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 10 2021, 12:16pm:
    Justin, I was very inspired by your answer! And the idea came up. If you do decide to make native hooking in arrange window, it was cool to do it in layers. For example. DrawBackground() // Native draw -------------------------> Some custom drawing DrawGrid() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsBackground() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsContents() -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsEnvelopes() Etc.

  • Posted by Anthony (178.70.142.x) on January 19 2021, 1:08pm:
    Cool idea with layers! If it will be implemented) I'm just developing a plugin de- breather, and it draws hints where there is breathing and theshold lines, right on the items. But it doesn't look very good, when it draws over the envelopes.And yea, on windows mad flickering( I use js_ReaScriptAPI). Let`s do FR on Cockos forum!

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