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Question: hi, is there currently a Linux version of the SWS S&M extension? I did not find it on the Internet, there is an option to install both the reaper and sws extension via wine, but I would like to install it natively on Linux
Asked by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 9 2021, 11:19pm
Reply on January 10 2021, 11:40pm:
    there is, the best way to get it is to get the source from github and compile it, I think?

  • Posted by cfillion (70.52.209.x) on January 11 2021, 1:02am:
    Prebuilt binaries of SWS for Linux are currently available at
    sws-extension.org/download/pre-release/(v2.12.1.2 is expected to be featured as stable soon–along with download links for Linux on the main website).

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 12:57pm:
    Ничего себе

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 1:28pm:
    I put the files reaper_sws-aarch64.so, sws_python.py and sws_python64.py in the correct folders, namely .py files in scripts and .so files in userplugins, but i don't get an "Extension" tab on the top of the window ... Help please

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm:
    I’m guessing you should’ve done reaper_sws-x86_64.so instead?

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm:
    Thanks cfillion!

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 12 2021, 6:22am:
    Thank you so much, now everything works

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