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Question: How a coder/programmer remember all the syntax while developing a software? Don't they get confused which thing to use when? And also there are lots of programming languages to learn. Don't they mix codes of one language into another while developing?
Asked by New to coding, yes (27.58.108.x) on February 2 2021, 5:54pm
Reply on February 3 2021, 7:05pm:
    You get used to it, I guess? It's the subtle differences that bite you, like PHP's precedence of nested ternary operators vs C's...

  • Posted by Pooooooooony (23.106.56.x) on February 4 2021, 6:31pm:
    What about references? I hate 3 things the most in PHP: ambiguity, nested ternary operators and references. :)

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