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Question: A serious note : I think, there is a serious bug in REAPER which can corrupt project files and hence musicians can lose their songs. I was working in my song, suddenly my laptop's battery got very low and I didn't put it in charger in time so my laptop hibernated as usual. When I turned it on back while pluggin with my charger, opened my REAPER project, it showed error "There was an error parsing the specified project". When I opened my project file as text, there is no single word there. Fortunately, there is a backup project file (thanks to you for making backup feature), I loaded my backup project and it opened fine. But the original project file got corrputed just because my laptop went into hibernation mode because of low battery? I mean, is it possible? Only the backup project saved my month of hard-work in my song. What if my backup feature was not turned on? I would be ruined. Maybe you can simulate this in your low battery laptop with a dummy reaper project file or something? Or maybe it happened because my laptop got turned off during saving? If yes, then does it happen in all other softwares?
Asked by Hello Cockos (27.58.111.x) on February 18 2021, 10:57am
Reply on February 18 2021, 2:17pm:
    When saving a project, REAPER writes out a new file next to the old, then once it has successfully been written to disk, it renames the new file to the old. From what you describe, a bug in Windows or a driver likely resulted in data not being flushed to disk from the system cache when hibernating, so it's probably an issue that would happen elsewhere too. Hard to say for sure, though.

  • Posted by Bye Bye Cockos (27.58.94.x) on February 19 2021, 3:02pm:
    Yeah! I think the same. I feel bad for those softwares which don't provide backup project file feature. Thanks for the clarification anyway!

  • Posted by OKeey (178.93.229.x) on March 9 2021, 7:54am:
    Don't slack on your energy management, people. REAPER is only an audio/video production software.

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