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Question: Do you think a feature to "Copy/Paste" MIDI between softwares could exist? Like Software A makes a string telling all MIDI info it needs about an MIDI item and Software B interprets that string and uses it to create the MIDI item as was pasting it. I think we have many ways to transfer MIDI online between softwares, like rewire/MIDI cables, but very few to "offline" transfer MIDI, like exporting to a MID and the importing to another. But I don't know if any company would be interested in more connections
Asked by Daniel L. (201.48.182.x) on February 19 2021, 5:19am
Reply on February 19 2021, 3:39pm:
    Copying MIDI events is already done using standard MIDI chunks, IIRC...

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:46am:
    Oh that is good to know, thanks Justin.

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:47am:
    Do you know any software I can test this with reaper using MIDI chunks , IIRC ?

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:49am:
    Wait! IIRC is If I remember Correctly ? I though it was some format I didn't know

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