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Question: Hello Mr. Frankel! Do you think that AI will be able to give the illusion of creativity or is it a quality that will remain truly human? Do you think an artist (acoustic instrument, composer) today can survive this kind of technological revolution? After all, composing is only recomposing. In this regard, do you think that there are too many fantasies about AI or, on the contrary, that society will be greatly impacted by 20 to 30 years ? Have a good day ! Regards, P.S. : I am very curious to have your opin
Asked by Arlequin, Charles. (37.171.246.x) on February 22 2021, 8:31am
Reply on February 23 2021, 3:52am:
    No idea!

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.173.62.x) on February 23 2021, 9:02am:
    Okay ! ;) By the way, please excuse me if you find this post or the previous ones irrelevant or too personal. Have a good day full of musical discoveries! Yours truly,

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