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Question: Can we have an option to disable creation of undo points in the function ReorderSelectedTracks()? This would make sticky tracks script usable forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=2415875
Asked by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 8 2021, 9:47pm
Reply on March 10 2021, 9:46pm:
    Hmm that would cause a lot of problems

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 10 2021, 11:06pm:
    OK, then maybe a function or an action to delete last undo point?

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 10 2021, 11:13pm:
    The option to delete specific undo point already exists in the Undo history context menu but it's manual and inaccessible via API

  • Posted by Justin on March 11 2021, 4:18am:
    That too will potentiall cause problems with the undo system. I suppose some way to make the TCP display order desynchronized from the track number would be what you want?

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on March 11 2021, 8:05am:
    I think Buy One is asking for pinning tracks, not excluding undo points. That is the reason he/she needs disabling undo points.

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 11 2021, 11:24am:
    @Justin i guess so, if such mechanism is feasible

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