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Question: I want to ask a quick question about REAPER. When I freeze track, my MIDI is hidden and it renders into audio. When I unfreeze it, it revert back to MIDI. Nice feature but are you sure my MIDI won't get lost with this? I mean what if suppose I freeze 10 tracks and their MIDI got hidden and converted into audio stems. When I want to make some modification and wanted my MIDIs back, I unfreeze but let say, MIDI of only 6 tracks got back and the remaining 4 MIDIs got lost/deleted? I am just worried for my MIDIs. I badly want to use this feature because of my potato laptop and it gives me extra CPU power but then my MIDI got hidden and my heart starts beating loudly. Also, what's difference between render & freeze? In render, MIDIs are shown and audio files are right below them, but in freeze, MIDIs are hidden and only audios are shown. Is it the only difference or something else?
Asked by Confused Cookie (27.58.113.x) on March 18 2021, 3:51pm
Reply on March 18 2021, 11:59pm:
    This is absolutely not the venue to discuss this, but if having things be hidden makes you uncomfortable, save backup projects...

  • Posted by Cookie not confused anymore (27.58.10.x) on March 19 2021, 4:05am:
    Oh it's okay. I have watched Kenny's videos about rendering tracks & freezing tracks and I think I will use freezing tracks feature and also backup my project manually, just in case :)

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