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Question: Why not dual license Reaper to create an Open Source version without the proprietary components (elastique, etc.)? You wouldn't need to provide/maintain binaries, just the source for people to build it themselves.
Asked by Derren (82.25.242.x) on April 12 2021, 4:33pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:39pm:
    There would be no upside for us, only a headache of having to be an open source project maintainer :)

  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on April 17 2021, 2:40pm:
    You'll get the same upsides as other open source projects: community contributions, bug fixes, etc. and a warm feeling inside from doing something that is mostly to benefit other users. You don't have to maintain the OS project, that's the community's job, you'll just push out the upstream code. Mozilla doesn't maintain all of the Firefox derivatives, Tracktion Software doesn't maintain all of the Tracktion Engine derivatives, etc.

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