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Question: I end up in slight pain during & after running. Research founds that I lack warm up & cool down. Can you tell me exercises you do before & after running?
Asked by Running & reaping (music) is all I do (27.58.28.x) on April 13 2021, 7:53am
Reply on April 13 2021, 2:14pm (edited at April 13 2021, 2:18pm):
    Heh well slight pain isn't always avoidable for me. The hard part is deciding what pain is OK and what pain isn't. I definitely go slow to warm up and cool down (and most days just go slow in general -- speed is a once in a while sort of thing). I don't usually do anything right before or after, but in the evenings these days I do a bunch of stretches and sometimes foam roller my quads/IT/hamstrings/calves at 2 minutes each (16 minutes total). And some days strengthening exercises (various, but google Myrtl Routine and that might help)

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