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Question: OKAY, A SERIOUS SUGGESTION : you MUST definitely play Portal game series (if you didn't play them yet). They are puzzle games with a brilliant story and oh, you will adore cute robots there & their voices too ❤
Asked by Donut Boxie again, using VPN (is that okay??) (162.210.194.x) on April 23 2021, 4:29pm
Reply on April 23 2021, 6:59pm:
    Love them, especially Stephen Merchant's voice acting. Lots of fun, too. Haven't played the new mod I heard about yet though.

  • Posted by Donut Boxie (117.225.70.x) on April 24 2021, 3:21am:
    Two more puzzle games like Portal I recently found : Quantum Conundrum & Gravitas (free). Both are awesome! After these, I will play more Portal like puzzle games. They are fun to play with amazing stories & puzzles.

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