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Question: In retrospect what would you have done differently with Winamp? Is there something you never got to do that you wish you have during its development?
Asked by Sengor (159.196.230.x) on May 29 2021, 2:58pm
Reply on May 30 2021, 2:19am:
    Hmm good question.

    As far as the program itself goes I was pretty happy with it, and while I could probably judge the code very harshly now, having an extra couple of decades of experience, it definitely did enough things right to be useful.

    Relating to the personal and business side of it -- there are a number of relatively minor things, the details which are likely not worth mentioning, that I do sometimes wish I had done differently. When I was 20 I definitely didn't know how much I didn't know. Now I at least know the lower bound...

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