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Question: Have you ever considered writing an operating system? It would be a massive project, expensive in both time and money. And history suggests that you’d ultimately fail. But I fall asleep every night fantasying about an OS that behaves just like Reaper.
Asked by Yrnotfar (75.57.24.x) on June 22 2021, 4:23am
Reply on June 22 2021, 4:19pm (edited at June 22 2021, 4:20pm):
    I've thought about making a swell-generic-sdl target which could run on linux without GDK/X11/Wayland/etc...

  • Posted by Yrnotfar (75.57.24.x) on June 22 2021, 11:58pm:
    I’d take anything I could get. But so you know, in my fantasies, the reaper like OS is a 4th choice amongst macOS, windows, and Linux.

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