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Question: Dear Justin! Is there a way to get an object (solo button, record, etc.) of the virtual reaper window (mcp,tcp) from a point? Maybe there is some kind of trick with WM_GETOBJECT message or somthing else ?) By using C++ extention.
Asked by Cory (185.220.100.x) on August 14 2021, 2:54pm
Reply on August 14 2021, 10:10pm:
    You can access it via accessibility APIs, yeah, but that's a pain. What are you trying to do?

  • Posted by Cory (163.172.213.x) on August 15 2021, 12:36pm:
    Thank you for your reply! I was thinking of making a request X-Raym in this topic t=254554. Entering values directly into the mcp/tcp.Also want to implement make nudging volume/ pan with focus. And only now I realized that I needed positions of elements too.

  • Posted by Mespotine (146.0.126.x) on August 19 2021, 8:57pm:
    You mean position of Walter-themeable elements? I would love to see that too, but for another usecase: it would allow us to build an interactive tutorial for newbies of Ultraschall. In a way like "click here" mouse jumps here "then here" mouse jumps there.

  • Posted by Cory (176.59.5.x) on August 21 2021, 2:45am:
    Very cool idea! I checked the method of interception in OSARA but did not yet understand whether it is possible to get the coordinates of objects. I will write here as I check. Btw your documentation really helped - thank you)

  • Posted by Mespotine (91.41.217.x) on August 21 2021, 6:55pm:
    Ohh, that's right, automatic positioning of mouse cursor to UI-elements is also a fantastic usecase for accessibility. Osara is doing this a lot to help navigating through menus and dialogs, they would benefit tons, if it could be extended to Walter-UI-elements.

  • Posted by Mespotine (91.41.217.x) on August 21 2021, 7:00pm:
    Btw, this would be a fantastic FR. Could you open one up? Maybe link this page to it too?

  • Posted by Justin on August 23 2021, 9:25pm:
    I'll look at adding a read-only class of attributes to GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String(), e.g. P_UI_RECT:tcp.mute etc

  • Posted by Cory (188.187.124.x) on August 24 2021, 4:42pm:
    OMG! It will be a revolution!Thank you!!

  • Posted by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on August 28 2021, 3:24pm:
    Now in the latest devs-release o/ Thnx :)

  • Posted by Cory (185.220.102.x) on August 28 2021, 6:03pm:
    Thanks a lot Justin! This is very cool! And saved a ton of hacking time !!!! I love you man, really!

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