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Question: Do you have any suggestions/links for complete tutorial for SWS extensions & ReaPack?
Asked by iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra (77.111.247.x) on August 25 2021, 9:23am
Reply on August 25 2021, 12:46pm (edited at August 25 2021, 2:54pm):

  • Posted by Mespotine (109.104.48.x) on August 26 2021, 2:56pm:
    Here's one about ReaPack from Reaper Blog(the other great Reaper-resource beside Kenny): youtube.com/watch?v=XjoDu_32ljI

  • Posted by Justin on August 26 2021, 3:59pm:
    Ah, thanks Mespotine! Has ReaperBlog done any SWS videos too? I imagine SWS is so broad it would need to be dozens of them...

  • Posted by reaperblog (172.103.218.x) on August 27 2021, 7:03pm:
    I've done a bunch of them and plan on doing a complete course on SWS features this year.

  • Posted by IDDQD Sound (67.68.162.x) on August 27 2021, 8:06pm:
    I've done 3-4 of them and planning to do the rest. Covered Smart markers, LFO generator and resources quite extensively, others in passing, but doing all of them as I go. My channel is IDDQD Sound :)

  • Posted by iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra Ultimate (77.111.246.x) on August 31 2021, 7:30am:
    Thanks of all you. I will check these all :)

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