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Question: Even better way to ask; were you ever left in a LAX airport in a child carrying seat?
Asked by Nicholas Forystek's Server (64.251.31.x) on September 26 2021, 3:19am
Reply on September 27 2021, 4:52pm:
    No, I don't think so. And sorry, I've cleaned up your other "questions" because they are a bit too much. Please take no offense.

  • Posted by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on September 27 2021, 9:57pm:
    Okay, i think I need to single highhandedly take down the F.A.A. for procuring kiddie pools in the 70's because only who checks in may be at the counter, and they allowed my great grandma to further kidnap me after I accidentally followed he on round trip, even after they found my ticket to be on the wrong flight. It is just a child was dropped off right as she B-lined differed me and she looked an awful a lot like my mother. I was one years old, 1978, but I get chloroformed returned new b-day same name.

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