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Question: Do you agree with this resumé? ('What it all means') stereophile.com/content/analog-com...
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 4 2021, 12:52am
Reply on October 4 2021, 1:52am:
    No, if the reed-solomon error correction produces the same bitstream as was encoded, then there can be no variation in the output (unless the error-correction logic causes other components in the CD player to behave differently, which would be a defect in the player, IMO).

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 4 2021, 5:29pm:
    My hunch was this is nonsense, thanks for confirming.

  • Posted by David (79.217.251.x) on October 5 2021, 11:31am:
    Isn't that over simplified? Surely plain reed-solomon can correct errors just as Justin said, but for bigger errors sections interpolation kicks in.. The BLER values do not tell me what stage was active? Or did I miss something?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 5 2021, 4:26pm:
    Though not related to my original question I think as they state playback variation is not caused by errors. ("These sonic differences are not caused by data errors, as commonly assumed, but by some other mechanism.")

  • Posted by Justin on October 5 2021, 6:06pm:
    My understanding is that if the reed-solomon fails, you get dropouts (it shouldn't try to interpolate). If there are sonic differences produced from the same correct bitstream, then the player is introducing them and is at fault.

  • Posted by schwa (67.245.193.x) on October 6 2021, 2:43pm:
    Only uncorrectable errors (E32) require interpolation. The author states that no uncorrectable errors were encountered. All of the encountered errors described in the article are fully correctable without interpolation.

  • Posted by David (79.252.110.x) on October 11 2021, 8:57am:
    Ah, interpolation kicks in on E32 errors. I did not get that. Surely than the output has to be the same.

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