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Question: hey-do you ever check tucker carlson/fox news...or any news? where do you gather informations?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 10 2021, 4:04am
Reply on October 10 2021, 1:33pm (edited at October 10 2021, 2:19pm):
    Despite being named "News", TC and the vast majority of what's on Fox News is opinion and commentary, NOT "News". So no, I don't watch that, it's pretty low on information and high on opinion. The NYT, Washington Post, and propublica are all pretty decent sources (though they all sometimes err, as they are made of humans), and if you want commentary with supporting facts John Oliver's show on HBO is pretty good.

  • Posted by unnamed 1 (2.25.95.x) on October 10 2021, 6:55pm:

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