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Question: Sorry to bother you jf, I am really trying to understand and use MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent, but I can't reach to any answer :( If I get it right the MIDI info is packed inside the buf in a string packed. I should then use string.unpack(some_string, buf). I really don't know what to put in some_string in string.unpack as I would need to reverse engineer how it was packed. >.< Sorry if I got it all wrong also. I am since the release of this function trying to understand it.
Asked by DdSL (201.48.183.x) on October 16 2021, 5:32pm
Reply on October 17 2021, 12:00am:
    Each message is a string of binary data.. so you can use string.byte(str,1) which should return 0x90, for example, etc.


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