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Question: How can I make a website like your blog? I like it. It's simple and does the job. My coding skills are rusty
Asked by Innis (111.71.31.x) on October 23 2021, 11:31am
Reply on October 23 2021, 4:51pm:
    Mine's based on https://www.cockos.com/hl--/ but pretty hacked up to integrate other things

  • Posted by Innis (223.137.0.x) on October 24 2021, 6:49am:
    That's cool. Thanks for sharing this. But...(and this is showing how rusty my skills are) How can I use that download link " hl-- v0.0"

  • Posted by Justin on October 24 2021, 11:45pm:
    Might be too much to convey here, but to decompress that file, you use tar xvzf hl--v0.0.tar.gz, then once the files are extracted you need a web server with PHP installed.. That tar.gz is 16 years old so those files probably need to be updated to even work with modern PHP, though. So, sorry. Maybe use a blog hosting site somewhere? :)

  • Posted by Innis (185.169.233.x) on October 25 2021, 10:39am:
    Yeah forget it! That's too much for me. If I could find something as simple looking as your blog I would use that

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