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Question: Do you still have an interest in high performance driving and or cars?
Asked by Matt (98.97.55.x) on November 1 2021, 1:27am
Reply on November 1 2021, 1:40am:
    If given the opportunity to go do laps on a track I'd probably take it, but with age I've come to realize that these things do not belong on streets
Question: Question from programmer (beginner) to programmer (experienced):) Is it possible to combine programming and family? How much time does the work take? Is it hard to switch between creative ideas and common home tasks? Do you have any tips on family time management? Sorry, if my question is silly, but I find that programming is taking too much time, and if it doesn't take all the time, you can't have a finished program
Asked by Alex K. (95.82.125.x) on October 31 2021, 7:46pm
Reply on November 1 2021, 12:42am:
    It can be challenging balancing programming and other life, sometimes I spend my time washing dishes and contemplating a programming problem, things like that. And context-switching is difficult, getting asked a question while deep in other thoughts and getting your brain to even process the words can be slow. But as long as you can devote _some_ time to programming, it's enough to keep things moving forward?
Question: Is there a place I can find all OSC messages reaper interprets ? I know about the files at AppDataRoamingREAPEROSC. I normally read them to find OSC message, what I am questioning is if there are more things implemented that are not there, and if so are they documented anywhere?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.30.x) on October 31 2021, 4:23pm
Reply on November 1 2021, 12:41am:
    The default.ReaperOSC I think lists all of the possible kinds of messages, though some are probably commented out... The exact format is defined by the .ReaperOSC format, though.
Question: How much work is it to add new Api-functions? Do you need to do special adjustments for the different languages supported or is it quite streamlined?
Asked by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on October 29 2021, 5:04pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 6:43pm:
    It's pretty streamlined
Question: What are your favorite Vim plugins?
Asked by Matt (177.130.217.x) on October 29 2021, 12:53pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 6:43pm:
    I'm all stock vim
Question: Hi Justin, this isn't really a question. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done. When I was a child I used the hell out of winamp and a cople of years ago I started using Reaper, not knowing it was the same person behind the two. When I found out I felt so thankful to you for making the two most significant pieces of software for my musical development. Thank you so much for it all, I hope that I'll soon be able to buy the high-tier Reaper license. Love from Italy!
Asked by Matteo Allegra (93.66.98.x) on October 29 2021, 12:09pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 6:44pm:
Question: Schwa makes music too? Somewhere to listen?
Asked by M.Python (189.112.72.x) on October 29 2021, 4:18am
Reply on October 29 2021, 6:44pm:
    Not sure if he posts it anywhere
Question: What's your opinion on the clip launching feature that's coming to ardour 7?
Asked by shorty (82.113.99.x) on October 29 2021, 12:02am
Reply on October 29 2021, 2:37am:
    Haven’t looked at it
Question: If you could pick one food item that you would receive a limitless supply of, what would it be?
Asked by B4DF00D (84.106.132.x) on October 28 2021, 9:51pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 2:38am:
    at the moment, naan kebab rolls
Question: Do you take vitamin supplements or do you prefer just to eat healthy food?
Asked by Prizmaxic (96.3.195.x) on October 28 2021, 9:07pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 2:38am (edited at October 29 2021, 2:39am):
    prefer diverse food and sunshine when it’s available
Question: Again a reascript question (sorry about that): What is the proper way to support retina/hidpi in scripts? We tried to figure it out, but I think nobody has got it 100% right yet. forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=230120
Asked by amagalma (91.140.81.x) on October 28 2021, 5:00pm
Reply on October 29 2021, 2:41am:
    the proper way is to set gfx.ext_retina to 1 at script start, then after gfx.init() check it to see if is set to a value greater than 1. It will be automatically updated based on the monitor that contains your window.
Question: Was there a time when you were just starting Reaper that people could actually invest in the company? Also is there a chance this can happen in future? thanks!
Asked by Paaaa (37.120.236.x) on October 28 2021, 10:56am
Reply on October 29 2021, 2:43am:
    No, we’ve never taken public investment… If we were to, we might have to do things that are less than great in order to meet our responsibilities to investors, so it’s best avoided :)
Question: How important is the number of CPU cores in music software?
Asked by core (185.209.177.x) on October 27 2021, 8:28pm
Reply on October 28 2021, 3:28am:
    Depends on what you're doing and how easily parallelized your projects are. But in general it's better to have 4 3ghz cores than 8 1.5ghz cores, etc.
Question: How REAPER's betas (and alphas, if there are) are tested out? Do you have some people who test the betas before you make it as a stable release version?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.118.x) on October 26 2021, 10:03am
Reply on October 26 2021, 1:48pm:
    We have a public pre-release site and pre-release forum, so anybody who would like to test them can test them.
Question: What do you think of Daum PotPlayer as a media player?
Asked by Jesse (108.53.128.x) on October 26 2021, 1:07am
Reply on October 26 2021, 1:49pm:
    Never heard of this, but I don't really use media players these days
Question: Is there any electronic music genre you like (in particular)?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 26 2021, 12:41am
Reply on October 26 2021, 1:49pm:
    I still like those Kruder and Dorfmeister K& Sessions from 20-odd years ago, not sure if that counts...
Question: hey- so if* eventually reaper reaches v.12 will cockos be superstitious enough to skip v.13? (like fl studio did! jumping to v.20) or,does superstition play >any< role in your daily life?
Asked by unnamed1 (95.149.70.x) on October 25 2021, 12:22pm
Reply on October 25 2021, 4:32pm:
    I'm not superstitious but I've been known to knock on wood when saying things just because it's sort of fun looking for wood
Question: Hi justin..... I'm from India..... And I'm using reaper in it's trial period itself....... I digged and found out your history and i was amazed...... I'm sorry but i can't pay for the license right now but I'll definitely pay in 2 months is it ok???
Asked by Anant (157.45.120.x) on October 25 2021, 6:05am
Reply on October 25 2021, 4:32pm:
    Yes you have a 60-day trial :)
Question: If you and Schwa were both free (not sure if you even live near each other), would you ever let some weirdo from the internet who was fascinated with your programming abilities and histories + has a million questions they wish they could ask, buy you guys lunch/drinks?
Asked by Gavin Ray (71.66.18.x) on October 24 2021, 5:27pm
Reply on October 24 2021, 11:41pm:
    I can't speak for schwa but for me there's a gaussian curve where the X-axis is "how much a person wants to talk to me" and the Y-axis is "how much I want to be in a conversation with them."
Question: Have you ever tried making films? I love the way that digital movie making crosses boundaries of art and tech and it seems like something you might like.
Asked by E'lo (67.190.160.x) on October 24 2021, 3:31pm
Reply on October 24 2021, 11:42pm:
    I got to work on some stuff in high school which was fun, and I've enjoyed making music-video-ish-things. Definitely think it would be fun to make a short film. Might make a howto documentary at some point.
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