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Question: When we will see brennan again?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.107.x) on November 23 2021, 3:48pm
Reply on November 23 2021, 4:03pm:
    I dunno, I'll see him in January I hope :)
Question: Hey what is your net worth ?
Asked by Prathamesh Varade (116.74.136.x) on November 23 2021, 12:51pm
Reply on November 23 2021, 3:04pm (edited at November 23 2021, 3:07pm):
    I’m a bit shy talking about money...
Question: hey- do you ever check out other users (giving optimising advices etc) jsfx codes and does any inspire you in any way? (user 'saike' as an eg:)
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 22 2021, 12:32am
Reply on November 22 2021, 5:56pm:
    saike's jsfx are amazing. as are JoepVanlier's, and Geraint's, off the top of my head (there are others too!). Totally love seeing people make cool stuff with JSFX. Only occasionally do I give them feedback, when I do it's due to changes in eel2 that affect them.
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Question: Do you like to "Right Click Everything" in REAPER? :-P (me, hell yeaaaaaah!!)
Asked by Abhi (27.58.98.x) on November 21 2021, 8:28am
Reply on November 22 2021, 5:56pm:
    Totally! It's the only way to live. And these days it means something else too.
Question: Have you "played" the KID A MNESIA Exhibition?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.90.x) on November 20 2021, 4:13am
Reply on November 20 2021, 3:48pm (edited at December 5 2021, 4:10am):
    Ah thanks for the reminder, had been meaning to download it... just wandered through a little of it, very cool.

    Edit a few weeks later: YESSSSS THIS IS FANTASTIC. Such good art and sound and production and trippy. Love it.
Question: which instrument you play needs the most work right now? (including voice)
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 20 2021, 3:02am
Reply on November 20 2021, 3:48pm:
    Do you mean my playing of it or the instrument itself? My playing of it -- all needs a ton of work ;)
Question: What's a good way to learn VST programming without JUCE or complicated IDEs? And what are the best resources you know of for such?
Asked by dän (155.143.123.x) on November 20 2021, 12:38am
Reply on November 20 2021, 3:48pm (edited at November 20 2021, 3:50pm):
Question: Did you see the announcement about the winamp relaunch? bleepingcomputer.com/news/software...
Asked by Will (172.58.111.x) on November 19 2021, 4:50pm
Reply on November 20 2021, 1:19am:
    Yeah. I regret not buying Winamp back when I had the chance; it wouldn't have been expensive and it was out of a sort of selfishness not doing it (not feeling like dealing with the stress of it). While the new owners appear to have the best intentions, sadly at this point it's pretty obvious that they don't have the right skills/process to do it right. IMO they're looking at it from a top-down perspective, rather than bottom-up. I'd love for them to prove me wrong. :/
Question: You suggested for an old laptop to install Debian. I checked it. And also Lubuntu (lightweight flavour of Ubuntu). Lubuntu actually works faster & smoother than Debian (& other Linuxes as well). Why don't you try it yourself someday? Maybe you will like it more?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.79.x) on November 19 2021, 4:06pm
Reply on November 19 2021, 4:33pm:
    Using mainline debian is more pleasing. Also it has RT kernels available (last I checked ubuntu only has LL kernels)
Question: Do you know about serenity os serenityos.org/ ?
Asked by Nixon (37.201.195.x) on November 18 2021, 11:05am
Reply on November 19 2021, 4:33pm:
    I've seen it but haven't used it
Question: so,which pill tastes the sweetest? .. the red OR the blue? or,is the hybrid purple one good enough?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 18 2021, 12:54am
Reply on November 19 2021, 4:33pm:
    They're all placebo
Question: Hey Justin. I have a well planned idea on a website were musicians could go to and upload their dry tracks and mix their music by themselves and not by an algorithm. My second idea is a more advanced community of musicans connecting to form bands but in a very different way. There are millions that would join this type of site. I'm a musician and creator of youtube.com/ExclusiveLM where I do many types of instrumentals. Can you and I connect to brainstorm my ideas that would not need a large overhead ?
Asked by Frank (100.12.73.x) on November 17 2021, 11:18pm
Reply on November 19 2021, 4:34pm:
    Nah but good luck :)
Question: hey! do you like adverts? and do they actually MAKE you feel wanting to purchase more stuff?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 17 2021, 5:57pm
Reply on November 17 2021, 6:12pm:
    I don't like them, but it's hard to know the effect they've had on me
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Question: Hey, do you like Google? Their software and or hardware? Their vision etc?
Asked by tommy (196.240.57.x) on November 16 2021, 10:27pm
Reply on November 16 2021, 11:10pm:
    They seem to have lost track of their motto, maybe?
Question: I have a laptop with 4GB RAM with Windows 10 64bit. I downgraded it to Windows 7 64bit. It becomes MUCH faster & smooth. I am very happy. But I wonder what if I install Windows 7 32bit instead? I don't have any plan to upgrade RAM on it. Will 32bit be smoother than 64bit in a 4 GB RAM laptop? I have heard that 64bit softwares takes double the RAM of 32bit softwares.
Asked by Abhi (27.58.0.x) on November 16 2021, 4:53pm
Reply on November 16 2021, 11:10pm:
    I don't think 32-bit will get you much over 64-bit. 32-bit was a nightmare of running out of address space, I think?
Question: Is it possible to use luajit instead of lua in reascript? For performance
Asked by Alex K. (2.57.97.x) on November 15 2021, 11:35pm
Reply on November 16 2021, 2:04pm:
    We've looked at it but doesn't seem too worth the build-system-integration effort (if you have some performance critical bit you could try using EEL2, it doesn't require garbage collection so there's a win too?)
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Question: so,are you interested in ancient precision monolithic architecture/stone workings (as in egypt or angkor wat) ? and would you think that ANY previous civilizations may have been more 'technically' advanced from this modern era?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 15 2021, 7:19pm
Reply on November 16 2021, 2:04pm:
    Not particularly no
Question: When Windows 8 got released. What was your reaction when you realised that they removed Start button and introduced weird looking colorful metro tiles?
Asked by Abhi (122.161.94.x) on November 14 2021, 5:01pm
Reply on November 15 2021, 12:02am:
    I avoided Win8 forever, still have a couple of Win7 boxes
Question: so, what actually came first..the chicken OR the egg?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 14 2021, 1:51pm
Reply on November 14 2021, 2:18pm:
    Definitely the egg, by millions of years.
Question: What's the meaning of "1014" in 1014.org?
Asked by Carl Grimes (24.96.130.x) on November 12 2021, 7:44pm
Reply on November 13 2021, 10:11pm:
    It's something about me
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