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Question: What led to JSFX install no longer being optional? I didn't see any discussion about the change.
Asked by Erin (75.15.159.x) on December 10 2021, 5:54pm
Reply on December 10 2021, 8:33pm:
    People who had it mistakenly unchecked and wanted to know why the JSFX loudness meter wasn't there, etc. Contemplating bringing it back but making it always enabled by default, but other platforms don't have this option anyway...

  • Posted by Erin (75.15.159.x) on December 10 2021, 9:08pm:
    That's fair. Thank you. I think I'm the only one complaining anyway. I've long since foldered and edited the JS's I like, so now I'm having to go into effects and delete things every update. But I can make that easier with a batch file or something.

  • Posted by Erin (75.15.159.x) on December 10 2021, 9:17pm:
    My other concern is for people who've edited their JSFX but didn't move or rename them. Wouldn't their edits be overwritten if they didn't realize the installer had changed?

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2021, 10:55pm:
    In practice people usually (and should!) make copies of plug-ins before editing them -- we've added FX browser actions for this. But also, I believe there's some logic to only update it if it's newer than their version (so if we edited it more recently than they did, it'll take ours, otherwise theirs will remain)

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2021, 10:55pm:
    for your own thing, perhaps rather than using the filesystem to organize, you should use the fx browser's folders/etc?

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