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Question: Hello Mr. Frankel, I didn't seen that : user.cockos.com/~deadbeef/?article=138 I totally agree. I just wanted to know how do you prevent someone to patent and from frobiding you to freely continue a tool you made. I mean, is copyright a sufficient proof of anteriority ? At this stage I know absolutely nothing about software protection during its development phase and after its publication... I just want to avoid taking the wrong path :) Have de good day ! All the Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.237.x) on January 25 2022, 10:18am
Reply on January 27 2022, 12:40am:
    Hah wow I was young and bitchy
Question: Have you considered/tried going vegetarian / vegan ?
Asked by Vento (200.146.247.x) on January 23 2022, 9:46pm
Reply on January 24 2022, 12:01am:
    I grew up mostly vegetarian. I've tried as an adult here and there, but never seem to feel great doing it, so I give up quickly.
Question: internet usernames and custom avatars.. do you find some funny? or,any that triggered you negatively in some way?
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on January 20 2022, 7:19pm
Reply on January 20 2022, 10:36pm:
    I try not to read the comments
Question: I would like to know your opinion on cryptocurrency after a long time that nobody asked you. Furthermore, if you have read about some projects, which blockchain project is more interesting for you?
Asked by sazef (88.86.140.x) on January 20 2022, 4:07pm
Reply on January 20 2022, 10:35pm (edited at January 23 2022, 7:43pm):
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Question: Do you/did you ever play Age of Empires 2? What are your thoughts? Would you know why a 20+ year old game still runs slow on modern top computers when playing multiplayer on large maps?
Asked by James (84.247.50.x) on January 19 2022, 8:59pm
Reply on January 19 2022, 9:55pm:
    I didn't, but my guess would be it's waiting for something that is slow like network latency?
Question: Is being too perfect bad? If yes, why?
Asked by Abhi (122.177.10.x) on January 19 2022, 10:48am
Reply on January 19 2022, 7:05pm:
    There is certainly a healthy amount of self-doubt.
Question: Mixed-Mode DPI Scaling only available in Win 10. Win8.1 doesn't allow you to have dpi aware window and unaware window together for a single process. So, reaper running on win8.1, how do you make the DAW dpi aware and plugin window dpi unaware(let the os scale plugin ui)?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.122.x) on January 19 2022, 3:08am
Reply on January 19 2022, 7:05pm:
    It's a mess, in Windows. You have to bridge, I think?
Question: What happen to Reaper Names Tags?
Asked by DdSL (201.48.182.x) on January 19 2022, 1:28am
Reply on January 19 2022, 7:04pm:
    Oops yeah we'll bring it back to the web site
Question: Did you ever think WinAmp would be getting so much love so many years later? ---> instagram.com/tv/CW34AZJgNk3/
Asked by Dax Liniere (212.228.1.x) on January 19 2022, 12:07am
Reply on January 19 2022, 7:04pm:
    Hah shrug
Question: What makes NYC the best city in the US, in your opinion?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 18 2022, 3:18pm
Reply on January 18 2022, 11:24pm:
    I don't like superlatives
Question: Are you still using debian? Stable or testing? Do you upgrade or reinstall on your machines and can you recommend it for long term use?
Asked by nixon (92.194.222.x) on January 17 2022, 12:56pm
Reply on January 17 2022, 4:56pm:
    I have a couple of debian stable boxes, they are nice! I usually upgrade (though in some cases I'll reinstall)
Question: Hello Mr. Frankel ! Hope you're fine. Do you think learning C++ right now is a good thing, I mean :eas a half-time dev. if implementing license cloud or other system is complicated / unwelcome ? Best
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.226.x) on January 15 2022, 9:28pm
Reply on January 17 2022, 4:58pm:
    I don't have any experience with Rust, but I'd say C or C++ are both fine choices, though my use of C++ is also not terribly modern. C sure compiles a _lot_ faster though :). As far as monetizing, doing simple registration keys is preferable to users, and also reduces your support burden (if it requires infrastructure to function, then you're setting yourself up for headaches)
Question: did you get to hearing band called high pulp? youtu.be/SiGttUunIm4 what do you think? + the cover image?
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on January 15 2022, 2:45pm
Reply on January 17 2022, 4:58pm:
    Ah haven't listened and too much to listen now, turns out I missed the first Soundgarden album all these years too! Lots of catching up
Question: Is the chord/scale track coming this year? Thanks
Asked by dragonetti (31.17.25.x) on January 14 2022, 8:13pm
Reply on January 17 2022, 4:58pm:
    Probably not
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Question: Ok, Reaper feature question, but not out of the blue so hope it's ok. Given this interesting pic, can we assume Reaper gets CLAP plugins hosting support?
Asked by wasereb4 (93.206.0.x) on January 12 2022, 8:12pm
Reply on January 12 2022, 10:12pm:
    We're watching the development of it, we'll see once the format stabilizes (it is not yet reliably defined)
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Question: What's your favourite fruit?
Asked by IXix (86.175.11.x) on January 12 2022, 12:54pm
Reply on January 12 2022, 4:53pm:
    Pineapple, though I eat a lot more regular apples and asian pears. If I had to pick an apple varietal I'd go Mutsu.
Question: Do you have/use a pencil sharpener ? If so is it electric or manual ?
Asked by Just Asking (66.115.146.x) on January 12 2022, 3:29am
Reply on January 12 2022, 4:53pm (edited at January 12 2022, 4:54pm):
    I have an electric sharpener but it doesn't get much use these days, and a manual one for the sketching and watercolor pencils which also doesn't get much use these days :/
Question: hello- so can you clarify why rex+rex2 files behave so differently in reaper? ie: not respecting spectral peak settings or default fade inout options? is this a limitation of the format? or...
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on January 10 2022, 12:46pm
Reply on January 10 2022, 4:27pm:
    They are a complex format, and we have to go through the official rex library to access them... so some of those differences are a result of our separate implementation of various things... shrug
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Question: memory test! do you remember the very first line of code written for reaper...and is it still in use today?
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on January 7 2022, 4:14pm
Reply on January 7 2022, 5:40pm:
Question: hey- did you ever hear the epic tale of the american immigrants? youtu.be/w8WQvpn1St0 =)
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on January 6 2022, 12:59am
Reply on January 7 2022, 3:33am:
    Ah no (I'll watch it eventually maybe)
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