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Question: Hi dear Reaper creator ! I'm a hudge Reaper fan, and I'm using it for creating music (really love your music BTW). But there are some missing things in Reaper or some minor bugs that I reported on forum (as I'm a developer myself). But anybody from Reaper team seems to look at forum. So maybe 1. do you need some help to make some sorting and fill bugs/feature requests in a bug tracker somewhere? (I would be interested, as I'm enthusiast). 2. I sent you private msg on forum; do you sometimes look? Thks a lot
Asked by Bruno Duyé (84.17.43.x) on April 8 2022, 7:31pm
Reply on April 8 2022, 8:11pm:
    We do look at the forum and while things do sometimes get overlooked, often posts aren’t responded to because there’s not much useful to add…


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