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Question: Hi Justin, I hope you are not tired of being asked this question but I am actually writing a paper on you (and Reaper) and was wondering if you could tell me in your own words, why did you decide to make Reaper when there were other DAWs readily available and what gaps (if any) in the DAW market does Reaper fill that other DAWs either can't or don't want to fill? Thanks for reading my qestion :)
Asked by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 10 2022, 6:31pm
Reply on April 11 2022, 5:04pm:
    The main gap would be not being a pain in the ass. An example of one the initial things that was important to me were being able to record and change things on the fly, e.g. arm/disarm tracks while recording, but really there are too many things to list.

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 11 2022, 8:29pm:
    Haha I am so quoting the “pain in the ass” bit. Could also please comment on why you chose the licensing model that you chose to go with and how it impacted either in a positive or a negative way?

  • Posted by Justin on April 12 2022, 12:07am:
    I didn't want to spend any time or resources on copy protection, so that requires a very liberal evaluation mode without disabling things (e.g. remove the incentive to crack). The discounted/commercial license model was chosen because big businesses can afford more and should have no problem paying more!

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 12 2022, 4:49am:
    Thanks for elaborating. So to continue from what you were saying before, you essentially started Reaper because you wanted to make a DAW that you liked to use, so would it be correct to say that it was basically something you made primarily for yourself and your own personal use? And yet it has taken off to be much more than that. So my question is, did this change anything about how REAPER turned out? Did REAPER become more than what you initially had envisioned? And if so what challenges if any did this..

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 12 2022, 4:50am:
    (sorry ran out of space) ... what challenges this cause for you and how did you overcome them?

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