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Question: Hey Justin, I'm a long time fan of all your work. I'm starting my new business and thought about naming it Cockos too but it would be limited to poland. Would you have any objections? thx
Asked by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on April 28 2022, 10:42am
Reply on April 28 2022, 12:05pm:
    Hah please don't it's a terrible name and that would only be confusing!

  • Posted by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on April 29 2022, 11:52pm:
    Thanks! I will think about something else then. Would you have any quick ideas? One person limited company - put your twist on it. Nullsoft, Cockos, Gnutella...

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2022, 12:05pm:
    I'd try for something that sounds extremely generic but isn't taken, e.g. "General Products" or something :)

  • Posted by Justin on May 2 2022, 8:41pm:
    Or here's one for you, assuming it hasn't been used yet: "Mr. Fusion" ha ha

  • Posted by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on May 5 2022, 11:03am:
    Hahaha good ideas. I searched for "General Software Solutions" and they already exist :) Will search along that path thanks

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