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Question: I have 2 questions. One, do you use Reaper Linux on Ubuntu and Two, have you kept up with the latest developments with Pipewire/Jack that might replace Pulseaudio/Jack?
Asked by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 8 2022, 11:56pm
Reply on May 9 2022, 1:23am:
    I use both Ubuntu and Debian yeah... Following pipewire a little but waiting a bit before supporting (I mostly use ALSA directly heh).

  • Posted by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 9 2022, 6:03pm:
    Thank you Justin. I've been testing Reaper Linux on both Ubuntu Studio and Fedora Jam audio bundles for the past year and they were about the same regarding latency. However, Ubuntu Studio 22.04 really took the lead with it's low-latency kernel and Pulseaudio 15.99.1. Pipewire does have a ways to go and I see little reason to use Reaper Linux on Fedora.

  • Posted by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 9 2022, 6:06pm:
    I think what I really meant in my last comment was little reason to switch from Ubuntu Studio to Fedora Jam using Reaper Linux.

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