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Question: Justin, can I somehow teach myself how to code (C++ ?) by examining the WDL code? I acquired so many books on programming but still do not get how to start making a music notation editor.
Asked by Pashkuli (84.9.31.x) on May 16 2022, 8:40pm
Reply on May 17 2022, 12:50am:
    That would be a very difficult way to learn, it would like learning Hungarian from a menu at a restaurant... A music notation editor is a very complex thing! It's probably better to start with smaller tasks.

  • Posted by Pashkuli (84.9.31.x) on May 17 2022, 7:44am:
    I see. Thanks! No wonder why all the tutorials on C++ or JavaScript do not make sense to me.

  • Posted by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 17 2022, 10:53pm:
    My hovercraft is full of eels!

  • Posted by David (80.146.191.x) on May 18 2022, 12:30pm:
    Try implementing an app where you can draw with your mouse (a la paint). That should be a simple starting point to get into writing a music notation editor.

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