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Question: Hello Justin Frankel, how are you? Do you plan to continue to offer a Python interface for ReaScripts in the future? Indeed, I could read somewhere that Python was not your favorite language. Have a nice day !
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.231.x) on May 22 2022, 6:09pm
Reply on May 23 2022, 1:47pm:
    For the foreseeable future, Python is a pain to integrate in other software when compared to say, Lua, so it's not a priority for us.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.231.x) on May 23 2022, 4:44pm:
    Thank you. To be sure... Is ReaScript C and / or C++ or is it C++ only ? Have a good day !

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2022, 7:21pm:
    ReaScripts are currently Python, Lua, or EEL2

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.231.x) on May 23 2022, 7:37pm:
    Sorry for the mistake ! I meant the API in order to control REAPER from another software : it is either C or C++ or only C++ ? Would it possible to call one function of the API from JS in any way (just to know) ? Thank you ! Best.

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2022, 9:45pm:
    Most of the API is available via plain C, though for some (generally more advanced) things C++ becomes necessary. Pretty much anything that you can do via ReaScript you can do via C, though.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.233.x) on May 24 2022, 2:31pm:
    Thank you! Just to know if it was possible to use emscripten in order to use REAPER API through WASM with JS ?

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