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Question: How naive would it be to leverage win32 to form the 'layout/main windows' of a program and then handle all sub windows/buttons/whatever separately, packing each ui element to some form of bitmap and then blitting that to the 'parent' win32 window? Thanks :)
Asked by Jack (193.138.218.x) on June 3 2022, 10:30pm
Reply on June 4 2022, 12:49am:
    That's essentially what we do (though we have separate child windows as containers for groups of things, then we have WDL_VWnd for building UIs etc).

  • Posted by Jack (193.138.218.x) on June 4 2022, 1:13am:
    Glad to hear that method is reasonable! Do you reconstruct the bitmap when necessary or perhaps keep some form in memory and just update the elements that require it? Thanks :)

  • Posted by Justin on June 4 2022, 11:10am:
    We update everything in a given paint rectangle, and tend to invalidate only changed regions

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