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Question: hi Justin, do you plan to make lasso mode in Editing the clip spectrum?
Asked by Michael (176.59.42.x) on June 13 2022, 6:08pm
Reply on June 13 2022, 6:13pm:
    a mouse modifier for creating new spectral edits? that would be nice.

  • Posted by Michael (176.59.172.x) on June 13 2022, 7:38pm:
    yes, I mean lasso arbitrary form so that for example you can draw a circle, and soften the edge

  • Posted by Justin on June 13 2022, 8:10pm:
    That's probably not in the cards

  • Posted by Folda (89.82.152.x) on June 16 2022, 9:28am:
    How much is spectral editing different from some well-chosen EQ automations? Can I think of them as the same thing with different interfaces (one of them more visual), or am I missing a fundamental difference?

  • Posted by Justin on June 17 2022, 7:07pm:
    Spectral edits are non-linear, so you can get response curves that you can't match with an EQ

  • Posted by Justin on June 17 2022, 7:07pm:
    also you can do spectral gating and compressing using REAPER's spectral edits

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