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Question: History: In my POV REAPER LEQ v5.0 had big diversity in default skin aesthetics; effectively making older versions outdated way too early (prematurely). Transition from v5.0 to v6.0 aided that effect to some extent and was just about right. What's your opinion on intentionally preserving the value of older software?
Asked by Gio (94.71.251.x) on June 20 2022, 2:43am
Reply on June 20 2022, 2:58pm:
    Hmm we still support 5.x themes correctly no?

  • Posted by Gio (94.71.251.x) on June 20 2022, 4:19pm:
    Talking more about the opposite direction of what you described. REAPER's backwards compatibility is stellar, but for the user that insists to stay to an older version for whatever reason; needs to not be discouraged by the newer shiny version in terms of aesthetics. More or less a preference for gradual changes rather than radical redesigns... v5.0 to v6.0 was the best transition, others not so much. In other words: the allure for upgrades should be based on technical merits and less on how it looks.

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