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Question: do you care about systemd ?
Asked by thisorthat (66.115.146.x) on July 17 2022, 4:08pm
Reply on July 17 2022, 11:14pm:
    Whatever works
Question: askjf: Hmm, looks like that |older questions| eats a question in one instance and on the other it displays the last Q from previous page first?
Asked by Gio (79.130.177.x) on July 14 2022, 3:31pm
Reply on July 14 2022, 7:00pm:
    Ah hah yes good catch! Fixing...
Question: What are your thoughts on the recent popularity of contemporary low level languages like rust, and zig; Just another means to an end or perhaps a successor to c/cpp?
Asked by Jack (91.90.44.x) on July 14 2022, 10:45am
Reply on July 14 2022, 7:01pm:
    I don't really have any experience with them so I guess I'd defer to the views of others?
Question: I do a bit of coding in JSFX (e.g. ReaRack modular synth). I would like to get a better understanding of the temporal relationship between @block and @sample. For instance, when using midireciev(), if I set a variable at a certain offset, when does that occur in @sample, at the same relative sample in the sample flow, relative to the end of the block, or no guarantee of any particular time? Further to my last question, you can put a lot of code before or after midireceiv(). Given that, I assume, midireceiv() has to listen for MIDI data for the entire block, when does the code get executed? I'm no computer scientist, be kind :)
Asked by Time Waster (Mal) (165.225.115.x) on July 14 2022, 2:12am
Reply on July 14 2022, 7:03pm:
    @block executes, followed by n=samplesblock executions of @sample. midirecv() will allow you to get each event (usually you'd want to do this in @block). There's no real signal flow relating to audio vs midi, the block is processed as a block, you midirecv/midisend to read/write midi events in that block, and use @sample to iterate over the samples (if you care about the audio!)
Question: Any suggestion what to learn? Apart from music & coding, because I am already learning these two :)
Asked by Abhi (182.68.134.x) on July 13 2022, 6:07pm
Reply on July 14 2022, 7:04pm:
    Whatever you have access to and are interested by! I've been having fun kayaking these (warm) days...
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Question: Why are some JS effects such as noisegate no longer Included In Reaper?
Asked by Datajake1999 (172.115.154.x) on July 12 2022, 12:42am
Reply on July 12 2022, 4:41pm:
    There were some very early jsfx that were mostly useless and removed for v5.0, if you need them you can install 4.x and run it once then re-install 6.x...
Question: What do you prefer more - track templates or FX chains? Which do you use more in your projects?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.225.x) on July 11 2022, 5:16pm
Reply on July 11 2022, 6:34pm:
    Depends on the context! In general if I'm setting up a track for recording, I'd use a track template (which would include FX but also the input setup), otherwise if I've got some stuff already recorded I might throw a chain on there
Question: Why do you look tired in your interview with SonicScoop? Did you overdo your job that time? :O
Asked by Abhi (182.68.225.x) on July 11 2022, 3:54pm
Reply on July 11 2022, 4:38pm (edited at July 11 2022, 4:39pm):
    That's just my face, thanks a lot
Question: Always wondered what this stands for in the release notes: [t=268217] or [p=2572042]. I write release notes myself for work and I was curious.
Asked by Hexeninverter (89.247.165.x) on July 10 2022, 4:39pm
Reply on July 10 2022, 11:30pm:
    They are shortcuts to https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=268217 or similar (on our release page we convert them back to hyperlinks)
Question: According to my sources, you've been feeling the pressure lately to implement the CLAP format in REAPER? You didn't think the format would've been adopted by so many developers so quickly. You also thought it had a funny name and wouldn't be taken seriously until the name was changed. Am I right?
Asked by Mommy (66.115.182.x) on July 9 2022, 7:03pm
Reply on July 10 2022, 1:30am:
    Hah not so much but we'll see
Question: would you buy reaper.com if it was available? or its something that never bothered u? reaper.fm is same value you think? does it make any difference? thanks
Asked by poll (45.128.39.x) on July 9 2022, 12:44pm
Reply on July 10 2022, 1:30am:
    Depends on the price but sure yeah.
Question: is it possible to send OSC to an external device from a script in Reaper ? been searching and cant find a definitive answer..
Asked by EcBaPr (159.196.169.x) on July 9 2022, 2:24am
Reply on July 9 2022, 10:52am:
    Not to an arbitrary host, I think you can maybe broadcast to an already-configured device but I'd have to doublecheck
Question: Which process scheduling method you found the hardest to learn?
Asked by Abhi (27.57.105.x) on July 8 2022, 4:30pm
Reply on July 9 2022, 10:52am:
    Hmm not sure I understand this one?
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Question: "John is so highly trained that he can type code that compiles correctly almost 3% of the time". So 'highly trained' is sarcasm, right? X-D
Asked by Abhi (110.227.181.x) on July 7 2022, 7:55am
Reply on July 7 2022, 1:45pm:
    The statement is a joke, the specific points of humor will be left as an exercise for the reader
Question: Are there any programmer's blogs/article sites you follow?
Asked by Jack (45.152.183.x) on July 7 2022, 5:43am
Reply on July 7 2022, 2:48pm:
Question: hi Justin, is it possible to add to reaper support to OpenTimeelineIO?
Asked by Mike (185.79.101.x) on July 6 2022, 7:10pm
Reply on July 6 2022, 11:06pm:
    someone should write a reascript or something ;)
Question: In REAPER dev. do you do mutual code reviews before committing?
Asked by wasereb4 (93.206.13.x) on July 6 2022, 12:25am
Reply on July 6 2022, 2:40am:
    Sometimes but not normally
Question: man you have to create a perfect sheet music editor as you've already created a perfect daw. i've just tested guitar pro 8 and dorico 4 they both slow and buggy as fuck. gp8 crashed three times before i typed a first note, dorico4 crashes when i'm trying to open a preferences menu for part that have to be in the list but not added yet! they both loads projects for few seconds they both starts to freezing when i'm holding delete key or when acting some simple animation!!!! maaaan you have to!!!!
Asked by ChExi (78.159.40.x) on July 4 2022, 8:23pm
Reply on July 5 2022, 4:12pm:
    The score editing stuff was almost entirely schwa, so he'd be more qualified to do that. Having said that, the effort/benefit for additional improvements is probably quite a bit too high.
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Question: Hey Justin, are there any programming/design patterns you find useful, or are fond of?
Asked by Jack (91.193.4.x) on July 4 2022, 7:12pm
Reply on July 5 2022, 4:14pm:
    Off the top of my head, one of my favorite things in C++ is RAII.
Question: I read that dvorak keyboard layout is better than qwerty because it is more comfortable and can give high speeds, even 200 wpm. Whereas relatively, qwerty is not that comfortable and also only 100 wpm, max 150 wpm with difficulties. Have you sometime thought of changing your keyboard layout? You use qwerty, right? Also, do you care about typing speed? Maybe dvorak might significantly reduce your coding time & also your hand won't feel that much tired?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.188.x) on July 3 2022, 9:59am
Reply on July 3 2022, 4:00pm:
    Typing speed is rarely a limiting factor for me these days
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