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Question: REAPER smooth scrolling in Windows? It seems like the "throttle mouse-events" option is only available on Mac. I have seen a lot of Windows users complaining about this feature. Will it ever be added? People are switching DAW for this which suck that they won't see the beauty of REAPER.
Asked by John (182.18.206.x) on August 28 2022, 9:48am
Reply on August 29 2022, 2:02am:
    wrong forum yo see above
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Question: Can I use REAPER trial to make money then use that money to pay for a license? Sorry for asking too many questions.
Asked by David Johnwade (182.18.206.x) on August 28 2022, 2:00am
Reply on August 28 2022, 2:52am:
    yes, just do it in the 60 day trial period
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Question: metadata.h:2001: Maybe use WDL_NEW to relate correctly at the comparison next line?
Asked by Gio (94.70.18.x) on August 27 2022, 8:25pm
Reply on August 28 2022, 12:44am:
    or move it to the stack, really
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Question: Hey! would you mind detailing why.. if i have a stereo track,and use js MS mixer meter + mono mode l-r (on master) =getting serious clipping on master meter...is MS treated differently on master track somehow??
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on August 27 2022, 1:20pm
Reply on August 28 2022, 12:44am:
    Hmm should put this on the forum
Question: Is it alright to use REAPER more than 60 days? I am really broke and I want to use REAPER to make money then use that money to buy a license? Is it alright or will you get mad? Should I just use Cakewalk?
Asked by David Johnwade (130.105.248.x) on August 27 2022, 10:26am
Reply on August 27 2022, 12:36pm:
    It is not exactly alright, it's a violation of our license terms. We won't have an emotional reaction to you violating the license terms (if we did we'd be upset a lot and that wouldn't be good for anybody!).
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Question: reaper-vstplugins64.ini has two ID values for each VST3 plugin. The longer of the two IDs is the VST3 ClassID. What is the shorter one? For example, in the line `_TStereo_Delay.vst3=80EE243F8FDFD501,1997878177,#TStereo Delay (Tracktion)` how was 1997878177 calculated?
Asked by Charles (66.30.15.x) on August 26 2022, 9:38pm
Reply on August 27 2022, 2:32am:
    it's the hash of the vst3 to map to a vst2 ID, the hash is FNV32
Question: do you live in a 'co op' building? if so, was the approval process a headache?
Asked by ordoflop (24.118.2.x) on August 26 2022, 7:37pm
Reply on August 27 2022, 2:33am:
    I don't, but I did before, and the approval process was a bit of work but not really a headache. Having said that, it's a process that enables discrimination without accountability and that's pretty messed up :/
Question: Why music production (including mixing & mastering) is so hectic thing? Lots of things you should do before producing quality music. Why still there are no AIs, which can do most of your job, except the composition & songwriting, which obviously a human do. Other than that, there should be an AI tool or something, which magically can make your muddy & ugly sounding music into beautiful & professional sounding song. What do you think so?
Asked by Ummmm (171.50.130.x) on August 26 2022, 3:12pm
Reply on August 26 2022, 6:39pm:
    It's fun though
Question: I am learning to program. Is it best to get my program working then make it efficient or make each part efficient before moving to the next part? Hope that makes sense.
Asked by Levy (27.32.111.x) on August 26 2022, 12:48am
Reply on August 26 2022, 6:38pm:
    Definitely get things working then improve it (and test against the old version to make sure your improvements still work right).
Question: Top 5 tips for "exceptional happiness and delight" on earth?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on August 25 2022, 1:27pm
Reply on August 26 2022, 6:39pm:
    It all comes down to dental hygiene and exercise I suppose
Question: How much effort would it be to make Reaplugs open-source? You know, so Dan Worrall can't pick on them anymore - just kidding. But re-skinning might make it a lot easier...
Asked by Albi (77.6.145.x) on August 25 2022, 9:22am
Reply on August 26 2022, 6:39pm:
    Pretty high work/reward ratio
Question: Where is Tom pepper
Asked by Joe Frasier (104.28.124.x) on August 24 2022, 7:22pm
Reply on August 25 2022, 1:45am:
    The only thing I can say for certain is planet earth
Question: hey! do you think there could or should be a distinction between: signitures and autographs on any forum? have you ever really thought about it?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on August 22 2022, 7:47pm
Reply on August 24 2022, 11:39am:
    uhh autographs?
Question: When I move my MIDI item from one area to another area, its automation item also moves with it. Cool so far! But when I delete that same MIDI item, why that automation item still remain there, why it doesn't delete with it automatically?
Asked by Ammmm (223.190.15.x) on August 21 2022, 10:28am
Reply on August 22 2022, 1:51am:
    Deemed less useful behavior, I guess. Anyway see the note above.
Question: Imagine open source CLAP sampler shared via reapack and support REAPER API. So anyone is free to add new features. Would you or Schwa mind to add super simple basic template? I imagine that potentially would move many workflows to another level.
Asked by Michael (188.170.196.x) on August 20 2022, 8:45pm
Reply on August 22 2022, 1:52am:
    Hmm see the note above eh?
Question: Although my first wildcard question was free of charge (askjf.com/index.php?q=6031s due to economical reasons I'd need to charge a small fee now, do you perhaps want to buy another one or trade for a new Reaper feature of my wish? :)
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.87.x) on August 20 2022, 5:02pm
Reply on August 22 2022, 1:52am:
    This isn't the venue
Question: How many hours do you work per week more or less? Also do you articulate your working and nonworking hours or they overlap?
Asked by Garopaba (189.112.151.x) on August 20 2022, 4:36am
Reply on August 20 2022, 3:13pm (edited at August 20 2022, 3:14pm):
    Hard to say exactly, don't really track it. Some weeks more than others. Definitely work more in the winter. Also if I'm recording stuff (testing) does that count? ;)
Question: A couple questions in one. You used to advertise Windows XP compatibility (according to archive.org, that seemed to have changed in December). Do you test new builds of REAPER against older OS's like XP and macOS 10.5? How are you incorporating new OS features into REAPER whilst still maintaining compatibility with older OS's?
Asked by dronenb (129.222.0.x) on August 20 2022, 3:28am
Reply on August 20 2022, 3:12pm:
    We still do list WinXP as a compatible OS. Whenever we use a newer API we load it dynamically and make sure that older systems still function (though obviously not supporting the new feature). So for example, if you run on WinXP you can't use the newer WMF media encoding/decoding support, but REAPER still runs.
Question: I record my band The Beths' music on Reaper and adore the software. If you ever want to come to a Beths show, I would be flattered to put you on our guest list.
Asked by JonPearce (172.56.6.x) on August 18 2022, 6:34pm
Reply on August 19 2022, 1:54pm:
    sweet thanks, can we (yes exactly yes) open for you too? ha ha
Question: ellow - ever heard of stereo lfo's? (oops..spoiled it) ;)
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on August 18 2022, 2:33pm
Reply on August 19 2022, 1:53pm:
    aperiodic lfos?
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