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Question: Hello ! In order to write good / safe / maintainable C++ code, what do you think about C++ Core Guidelines and Google Style Guide ? If C++ was not there and you had REAPER in mind, would you bet on Zig or Rust for writing a robust software ? Have a good day ! Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.238.x) on September 28 2022, 5:36pm
Reply on September 28 2022, 7:33pm:
    I haven't read those guide(lines) at length but in general I'm more in favor of a lighter flavor of C++. I haven't used Rust or Zig so I'm not really a good person to ask! "If you didn't have English and you were going to write a book, would you choose Danish or Swedish?"

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.238.x) on September 28 2022, 7:39pm:
    Ok, thank you ! Do you have any tip / guideline about writing solid / safe / lighter C++ in order to approach the stability you're achieving with rock-solid REAPER ? Best

  • Posted by Justin on September 28 2022, 10:34pm:
    We do have our moments of failure, but in general it's less about guidelines and more about care and taking time to make sure things are correct. Being able to understand the code being generated is a help, which is part of why we don't use the C++ standard library, it's usually pretty incomprehensible.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.228.x) on September 29 2022, 9:22am:
    Do you use Boost ? Best

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.228.x) on September 29 2022, 11:10am:
    Sorry, that's why you built WDL ? Do that means that using C++ standard library is risky and why many people rely on it ? Best.

  • Posted by Justin on September 30 2022, 2:25am:
    the C++ standard library isn't risky, but it takes you a lot farther away from the machine code, so you sometimes lose track of what code is actually being generated. That's just my curmudgeon of a take ;) and no we don't use Boost either

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