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Question: Considering that JSFX is homage to Jesus, in your words "It was an homage to Jesus in respect of his best messages -- to be kind, care for other people, etc." what do you think about some Christian people that are pro-guns and "pro-life" (meaning anti-abort)?
Asked by Aloha! (186.210.28.x) on October 13 2022, 9:55pm
Reply on October 13 2022, 10:21pm:
    I don't approve

  • Posted by spoiled hobo (77.180.69.x) on October 14 2022, 10:13am:
    I think it's a common logical error that the set of modern anglican protestant values (or lack of humanist ones) is considered congruent with the one of Jesus only because the bearers of the previous still choose to label themselves with the latter's past name. The Pythons have made this perfecly clear with ...Brian.

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 15 2022, 11:41am:
    them brians them

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