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Question: How would YOU write(syntactically) a simple add(a + b) function in JavaScript?
Asked by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 18 2022, 4:24am
Reply on October 18 2022, 2:02pm:
    you mean?
    function add(a,b) {
      return a+b;

  • Posted by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 19 2022, 2:46am:
    I did :) But just to see if it were that or:const add = function (a, b) { return a+b;};orconst add = (a, b) => a + b;Or, another way. "add" aside, I write the latter arrow style most often these days. Curious if you find too terse or just, whatever. I do see benefits to having "function" there for quick recognition when visually scanning lines. I guess it's like same chord/different voicing, or same voicing just on different strings :)

  • Posted by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 19 2022, 2:52am:
    Sorry, tried to format as multiline, no luck.

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