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Question: In older versions of REAPER, there is a normalize button in item properties, and it normalize the audio with just one-click. But now in newer versions, there are a lot of normalize options. I only need the good old one. Which of the newer normalize option works same as that older normalize one?
Asked by HELP!!! (27.58.73.x) on October 21 2022, 10:56am
Reply on October 21 2022, 12:58pm:
    Set it to "Peak", 0.0dB, and "normalize each item separately" and it will behave as it always did.

    Alternatively you can use the action (default binding Ctrl+Shift+N): "Item properties: Normalize items to +0dB peak"

  • Posted by HELP!!! (117.99.165.x) on October 23 2022, 4:11pm:
    Thanks for the HELP!!!

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