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Question: Thanks for the previous HELP!!! BUT how to humanize audio & media items in the main arrangement? It seems we can only quantize them, not humanize them (like we can do both these in the MIDI editor)
Asked by HELP!!! (27.58.111.x) on October 24 2022, 10:07am
Reply on October 24 2022, 8:55pm:
    Wrong venue, but you're the human

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 24 2022, 9:31pm:
    justin..would it not be useful for YOU to create a specific forum thread dedicated to questions like this? (people wish for answers from the organ grinder,not the monkies)

  • Posted by Justin on October 24 2022, 11:09pm:
    That would encourage posts like this?

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 25 2022, 9:43am:
    you are the boss here- maybe your polite message here- could appear more bodly..or in colourful letters to highlight that request.....think a forum thread would be helpful too...and to reiterate that request there =)

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.200.x) on October 25 2022, 6:47pm:
    I personally think, that this question can be answered by the wonderful people in the Reaper forum as well. Probably with suggestions for crazy scripts already doing what you are after. As Justin didn't invent humanization, there's plenty of people knowing this too. And such a thread, beginning with your question, will help others too and so on.

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