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Question: hey justin- are you aware or keeping up with serato "stem" tech? a few other wares are doing this-- its probably some fft thing which will seperate music into its composition parts..drums,vocals,melody,bass.. could cockos champion this idea?? primer here> ( youtu.be/J2L5jyiuT7A)
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 9 2022, 6:13pm
Reply on November 9 2022, 6:19pm:
    I've seen it yeah, but not terribly interested

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 10 2022, 8:52am:
    ahhh well thats a shame.. lots of potential new customers looking for new tools! guessing reaper is aimed just for middle to old aged guitarists? :/

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2022, 2:12pm:

  • Posted by lolzor (89.82.152.x) on November 11 2022, 4:19pm:
    Lol i'm so happy that the Reaper devs don't overbloat their software with things for "potential new customers". It's the whole value of the DAW

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 11 2022, 11:27pm:
    ahh ok- sorry if it touched a nerve..bit jokey- but still do not think it would be bloat at all..very useful in fact..what else are people paying to upgrade for? old,or,new stuff? Just think there is a lot of creative scope to these newer methods..great for karaoke and realtime mixing etc...new + inventive is very popular amongst the younger generations justin..decent paying customers looking for great deals? thats is all. cheers anyway.

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2022, 1:34pm:
    it's all good, just because something is interesting to some people doesn't mean it's worth pursuing for me. :)

  • Posted by wasereb4 (87.167.85.x) on November 13 2022, 12:15am:
    There are quite a few (free) ways to create seperate stems from a mix, no need to integrate into Reaper imo. This is the best I've tried so far: github.com/facebookresearch/demucs

  • Posted by todd_r (193.113.48.x) on November 23 2022, 9:53am:
    All the cool kid producers love karaoke

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